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1: Transcriptions

Knowledge Seekers Workshops

Transcriptions from the Knowledge Seekers Workshop, streaming live every Thursday @ 9AM CEST/CET. These are ranscripts, Key Words, Key Phrases and Quick Index of the Keshe Foundation Knowledge Seekers Workshops, streaming live every Thursday @ 9AM CEST/CET. These are offered by Knowledge Seekers (KS) and are not official productions from the Keshe Foundation.
Note: Transcripts have not been checked by KF. Please listen to original recording. (Transcripts by KF Brazil)

Knowledge Seekers Workshops
KSW Quick Index with Transcripts
KSW Key Words with Transcripts
KSW Key Phrases with Transcripts
ALL KSW in One – List of All Summaries and Transcript in one file


Transcripts of teachings only. News, announcements, Q&A not included.

Knowledge Seekers Workshop Teachings
Different Teachings of M.T. Keshe


Summaries from the workshops combined into one draft document.

Title, Date
How to Read Summaries Edit 1, 09-12-2021
5 to 395 KSW Summaries all in one draft, 09-30-2021

2: Misc Documents

June 5, 2020 – Open Letter by Universal Council Announcing the Keshe Foundation.
Interact with Keshe Foundation TV (KFTV)
July 30, 2020 – Successful Application of The Newly Discovered GANS Plasma and GANS Water Technology For Detection, Cure, Prevention, and Environmental Disinfection of The Covid Family of Viruses in Trials in Iran 2020 Pandemic.
OneCup OneLife – Video pictures and transcription in Mongolian

3: Misc Contributions

Contributions by Knowledge Seekers